Marcy School PTO Carnival and Fundraiser

Friday April 22nd at Silver Spring Intermediate School

Concessions and Ticket Sales 5:00-7:45 pm

Silent Auction 5:00-7:45 pm

50/50 Raffle and Balloon Pop 5:30-7:45 pm       

Drawings for baskets and Raffle 8:00p.m.

Carnival 5:30-8:15p.m.

Cash is Preferred

Welcome to the 2022 Marcy Carnival at Silver Spring Intermediate School!!!!

The Marcy Carnival will be located at Silver Spring Intermediate School this year. This will allow for enough parking and space for the Carnival. We will be utilizing the Gym, Cafeteria and LGI for the Carnival.


Carnival Games – 5:30-7:45 pm In the Gym. Punch cup in the gym. Jail in the LGI. Kids will get to enjoy fun carnival games with chances to win GREAT PRIZES!


Carnival Tickets- 2 tickets for $1 You are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance, but they will be for sale at the Carnival. Cash or Credit Cards. Cash is preferred. The kids will love having a chance to WIN CONSOLATION PRIZES and/ or PRIZE TICKETS for chances to win an ENTIRE BOX FULL OF PRIZES!

  • Games (2 tickets): Ring around Soda, Pop a Shot Basketball, Bottle Flip, Bean Bag Tic Tac Toe, Face Painting
  • Games (1 Ticket): Hole in one, Milk Can Toss, Lucky Roll, Penny Toss, USA Walk, Bean Bag Toss, Bowling, TP Toss, Floating ducks, Plinko, Pencil Pull, Car Race, Reverse Bingo, Hula Hoop Contest, Wheel Of Fortune, Dart game, coin game, Caterpillar Game, Fish Game, Pin Beak on Eagle
  • Punch Cup ( 2tickets)- Cafeteria
  • Cake Walk (2 tickets)- located in Gym
  • Jail (2 tickets)- Located in LGI
  • Kids Balloon Pop(2 tickets)- located in the gym


After playing the Carnival Games, kids should enter their Prize Tickets into the Carnival Prize Boxes located in the cafeteria area. Winners will be announced throughout the night. It is recommended that you bring a bag to carry all of your child’s prizes.



SILENT AUCTION – 5:00-7:45 pm in the LGI 


The Silent Auction will take place in the LGI.  The teachers and students have been working hard on Fun class pottery projects. Please stop by to see their projects and bid on your child’s class projects. Stop by to bid on any items of interest! We have other fun baskets and items to auction off. No bidder numbers needed – simply write down your name and phone number on the list associated with the item. Bidding closes at 7:45p.m. Please stop by the LGI to see what you have won and to claim your winning items!  If you are not present at 8 your items will be saved for you. Good Luck!! 


50/50 Raffle – In the Cafeteria. 5:30-7:45p.m. CASH ONLY $ 10 for 5 or $20 for an arm’s length

Take your chances on the 50/50 raffle. Half of the earnings go to the winner and the other half supports the Marcy students and their classrooms.


BALLOON POP FUNDRAISER   5:30-7:45 pm in the Cafeteria

The Balloon Pop is a wonderful opportunity to support Marcy and get some great items!  There will be a Family Fun and Adult Balloon Pop.  Gift cards in the Family Fun Balloon Pop have a value of at least $20 up to $80.  Gifts cards in the Adult Balloon Pop have a value of at least $20 up to $50. Prizes are awarded immediately. Cost to pop a balloon is $20.  CASH ONLY PLEASE! Items you may win include gift cards to stores/restaurants, and passes for fun activities such as bowling, rock climbing, trampoline parks and more!


TEACHER’S RAFFLE 5:30-7:45 pm in the Cafeteria

Would you like your child to be the Marcy Principal for an hour? How about a kickball game with your class Versus another? Would you like to be the librarian for an hour and check in/out books? These and many other great prizes are included in the TEACHER’S RAFFLE.  Make your way to the Cafeteria. Tickets are 2 tickets for $1.00.  CASH ONLY PLEASE! Proceeds go toward the Marcy Scholarship Fund.


SPIRIT WEAR SALE    5:30p.m.- 7:45pm located in the Cafeteria Area

Marcy spirit wear will be for sale!  Tie Dye for $20. Regular Tees $15


For more details on the Marcy Carnival and Fundraiser please visit


We want to thank all the Marcy families, teachers, and staff that have volunteered their time and given donations to make our school’s fundraiser possible….and a huge success! See you on Friday April 22nd!



Common Questions about the Marcy Carnival


Do I need to purchase tickets ahead of time?

No, you do not need to purchase tickets in advance, but the lines are long. If you want to skip the line purchase in advance

What should I bring?

Bring lots of cash. We only accept cash in certain areas. Bring your checkbook for silent auction. Bring a bag for your child’s prizes. Bring a pen to fill out raffle tickets.

Is there a spot to put coats?

There really is no place to put coats so it is best to leave them in the car if you can. It gets very warm in the cafeteria and the gym.

My Child Earned a fast pass. What does that include?

That includes some game tickets and some kid raffle basket tickets. It also includes a pass to skip to the head of all game lines. It does not include admission.

What is the kid raffle basket?

The kid raffle basket is a basket full of themed prizes valued at $100. If your child wins a game, they get a kid raffle basket ticket. Before 8 pm fill out their tickets and put them in the baskets of their choice. Mini prizes are also picked throughout the night so the sooner they put their tickets in the basket the more chances they have to win. Don’t forget to fill out their ticket so they have a chance to win at the end of the night.

Can I drop my child off at the carnival?

No, a parent or guardian must be present the entire time.

We can’t attend the carnival. Does my child still get a chance to win a kid raffle basket?

Yes, they still get a chance to win. Every child that attends Marcy will get a ticket this week. They can place it in any basket of their choice. The teachers will take them to the library to do that.

Do I need to be present at 8:00 p.m. to win?

No, you do not need to be present at 8 p.m. to win. We will contact winners over the weekend to arrange basket pickup. Or they can be picked up at Marcy on Monday.


Don’t forget to go to the LGI to bid on the kid’s classroom pottery as well as other fun items. Also, stop by the teacher raffle to support the Marcy Scholarship fund.







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