Workroom Volunteering


Are you looking for a convenient way to volunteer at Marcy? 


This is your opportunity to help the teachers with a flexible sign-up option!  


Workroom volunteers can sign up for times that fit your schedule, in advance.  The workroom is currently allowing 1 volunteer per the morning hours (9:00-12:00) and 1 volunteer for the afternoon hours (12:15-3:15).  Volunteers can come in to work anytime within those hours; we ask you commit to 1 hour of work, if jobs are available.  Training is available - please ask!  


Workroom volunteers simply head to the workroom and look for teacher's baskets with jobs to be completed.  Jobs can range from copying and sorting, to paper cutting, tracing or project prep for some of our younger kiddo's classes.  This is a huge help to our teachers and allows them to spend more of their time focusing on their students.  




Contact Cheryl Koelbl with questions or to request training during September, October and November.  (Jamie will be temporary unavailable those months.)  


Contact Jamie McQuillan with questions or to request training at  




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